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Had so much fun playing it! It was addictive and challenging! Performance was smooth too. Good job!

I died 100+ times but that's a story for another time!

This was really fun! I enjoyed the mix of 2D and 3D

Love the presentation and the way you tie the challenges together. Main character design is great too. A bit disjointed stylistically but doesn't detract from the fun. Oh yeah and really hard!!! But I guess that's the point ;-

Good game, just gotta get gud.

I enjoyed the initial idea but my depth perception is not the best :D I quickly died a lot and got frustrated (about 30 rats were used for the first 2 tests). If I could give any feedback I'd say you should definitely add some sort of coyote time because I felt like I pressed jump but fell to my death a lot of the time haha!